Asphalt, Ceramics, Construction

  • Asphalt

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    Asphalt-CRT department is entirely involved in developing and marketing engineered technical solutions connected to asphalt industry both for paving and waterproofing.

    Commitment and Skills are the key values that we grant to our customers thanks to our experts. Always keen on being side to side with our business partners with the ambition to guide them to success and accomplish their needs throughout our abilities in:

    • R&D and production of innovative additives.
    • Laboratory asphalt mix designs also PMB and emulsion formulations.
    • Technical assistance at asphalt plant, production and job sites.
    • Know-How.
    • Partnerships with main international asphalt association and Universities.

    Asphalt-CRT department attends domestic market by internal sales offices and international markets through distribution network and certified agencies, focusing on road constructional projects round Europe, Latin America, North Africa and Middle East.

    We offer a selective portfolio including Rheological Additives and Decorative Solutions to the following application fields:


    Hot Mix Asphalt

    Innovative technical solutions for asphalt mix producers or applicators, through wide additives selection designed for asphalt plants uses (pugmill or bitumen tanks): stabilizing fibers, synthetic fibers, high performance pellet pigments, clear binder in pellet form, adhesion promoters, rejuvenating agents for RAP, warm mix additives, polymers, crumb rubber, anti-ice agent, high modulus, release BIO agents instead of  diesel,...

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    Bitumen and Binders

    Raw materials and additives for oil companies, distributors and bitumen modifiers (bituminous, synthetic or vegetable binders): elastomers, plastomers, crosslinks, gelling agents, crumb rubber, antistripping agents, WMA additives, natural asphalt, foaming agent, stiffening agents, acidifiers, flux oils, tackyfier resins, rejuvenating agents,...

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    Bitumen Emulsions

    Raw materials and additives for bitumen emulsion producers or cold tech applicators: emulsifiers (anionic, cationic, amphoteric), stabilizers, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, sodium hydroxide, adhesion promoters (active), acidifiers, SBR latex, fluxants and green solvents, hardener additives, viscosity builders and thickeners, API cold recycling system, antifreeze agent, control settlement additive for SS,...

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    Miscellaneous / Auxiliary products

    R2U solutions and decorative coatings, anti-kerosene coatings, asphalt print protective coatings,  surface lining for traffic areas, reinforcing resins, cold mixes for pothole repair, green additives for cold mix Pack&Bag production, solvents, ECO cleaners, hot crack sealants, soil stabilizers, dust treatment surfaces,... and any chemical substance of the CYJGroup portfolio.

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  • Construction

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    • Water retainers (MHEC, MHPC and CMC) for cement mortars, plaster and lime.
    • Cellulose thickeners (bio stable HEC and CMC) for water-based paints.
    • Cellulose thickeners for strippers (MHPC).
    • Polyurethane associative thickeners. From Newtonian to highly pseudo plastic for paints, varnishes and adhesives.
    • Polyacrylamide thickener. Special modifier of methyl celluloses in mortars.
    • Modified starch ether-based thickener.
    • Rheological, hydrocolloid agents: xanthan rubber and succinoglycan.
    • Pure cellulose fibres for hydraulic mortars, carbonate compounds, pastes ready for use and paints.
    • Grey and white cellulose fibres for all kinds of hydraulic mortars and carbonate compounds.
    • Ground, cut, matt and woven basalt fibres.
    • Airers. Lauryl sulphate, sulphonated alpha olefin.
    • Foam eliminators in powder form for mortars.
    • Anti-retraction agents raised on aluminium powder.
    • Setting accelerator. Alumina powder.
    • Setting retardants. Citric acid, tartaric acid, sodium gluconate.
    • Water-fluidiser reducers. Naphthalene sulphonate and polycarboxylates in powder and liquid form.
    • Water proofers. Calcium and zinc stearate, sodium and silicon oleate in powder form for malts based on cement, plaster, lime and pastes ready to use.
    • Silicon resins in emulsion form for siliconated paints.
    • Silicon resins in emulsion form for heatproof paints.
    • Silicones in emulsion form and dissolvent base for impregnation and/or consolidation of different materials.
    • Fluorated polymers in emulsion form and dissolvent base for the impregnation of different materials.
    • Silicones with and without fluorated polymers in cream form for the impregnation of different materials.
    • Silicon based paint and wax waterproofers.
    • Sacrifiable anti-graffiti system based on paraffin emulsion.
    • Antifoamers for the formulation of silicon based paints.
    • Specific humidifiers and dispersants for silicon paints.
    • Redispersable resins for mortars based on cement, plaster, lime and carbonate compounds: vinyl acetate homopolymer, copolymers of vinyl/veova, terpolymers of vinyl acetate and butadiene styrene.
    • Pure acrylic dispersions, acrylic styrene, butadiene styrene.
    • Short, medium, long, cut and modified alchidic resins (acrylic and epoxy) solvent based and water reducible.
    • Alchidic resins in emulsion form.
    • Polyester resins.
    • Self-reticulable and thermoplastic aliphatic polyurethane dispersions.
  • Ceramics and stone treatment

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    Highly specialised and high-quality materials for ceramic producers: tiles, bathroom elements, enamel, of refractory elements, technical and artistic ceramic and the glass industry.

    • White quartz
    • Talcum
    • Mica
    • C03CA
    • Micra dolomite
    • Kaolin
    • Calcinated kaolin
    • Amorphous precipitated silicon

    Products for STONE TREATMENT based on fluoropolymers for the protection of stone, marble, cement, etc.

    These are advanced fluoropolymer solutions.

    Lasting transparent treatments with a highly effective protective barrier that help to avoid the penetration of oil, water, coffee, wine, sauces, etc. in porous surfaces indoors and outdoors such as concrete, stone, granite, terracotta, marble, plaster, brickwork and other porous and compact mineral surfaces, to prevent them from becoming dirty.

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