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  • Cosmetics, Perfumery and Toiletries

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    For more than 75 years, Campi y Jové has been a benchmark in raw material distribution in the cosmetics sector and has brought in a wide range of specialities and commodities for different applications.

    The Campi y Jové team specialised in chemical sciences and with great commercial experience, offers its customers a high degree of collaboration in developing and launching new products or simply in reformulating those they already have and giving them added value.

    Campi y Jové also has the technical, documentary, commercial and marketing support of the companies it represents, companies of the high-level chemical sector, which give valuable information to keep it abreast of all market and sector trends and allow it to give its customers innovation and technology that provides their products with high quality and added value.

    In the present market trend to seek for materials that are environmentally friendly, we can offer you a wide range with Ecocert, Cosmos or NaTrue certification.

    Campi y Jové also belongs to the COSMETIC CHEMICAL SOCIETY (SOCIEDAD de QUIMICOS COSMETICOS - SEQC) and has published articles of scientific interest in the NCP journal.

    Family of products

    Range of products Application
    Fatty acids and esters For all kinds of formulae and especially skin care, sun care decorative cosmetics.
    Tensioactives and solubilizers For formulae of bath gel, shampoos and oral care products.
    Preservatives and sequestering agents Key factors in stabilising the products.
    Fatty alcohols and derivatives Principal stabilisers of many cosmetic formulae
    Waxes and emulsifiers Interesting for decorative cosmetics and hair care styling products
    Vegetable ingredients and oils The true protagonists of the formula that personalises the product
    Perfumes and rheological modifiers Important for modifying the senatorial nature of the end products
  • Detergents and cleaning and hygiene articles


    CPH & DTA is Campi y Jové’s wager in the sector of detergents and industrial maintenance. We are proud to present you with an extensive range of tensioactives that give the necessary solutions to consumer demands.

    Our aim is to guarantee INNOVATION, SUSTAINABILITY AND EFFICIENCY in the market of detergents and industrial applications.

    Range of products Sectors
    • Fatty acids and esters
    • Additives (miscellaneous)
    • Sequestering agents (GLDA)
    • Fatty alcohols and derivatives
    • Alkylpolyglucosides
    • Amino acids and derivatives
    • Biocides and preservatives
    • Builders
    • Waxes
    • Degreasers
    • Disinfectants
    • Emulsifiers
    • Enzymes
    • Thickeners
    • Humidifiers
    • Viscosity enhancers
    • Rheological modifiers
    • Polymers
    • Biological products
    • Half finished products and mixtures
    • Green solvents
    • Tensioactives (anionic, non-ionic, cationic and amphoteric)
    • Cutting and drilling oils
    • Textile auxiliary
    • Auxiliary for the tanning process
    • Domestic detergents
    • Industrial detergents
    • Lubricants and metal working
    • Industrial maintenance
    • Pools
    • Surface treatment


    Thanks to our sulphonation plant in Barbastro (Huesca), we are able to present you with a large line of anionic products with the name of EASYCOL®.

    We have a modern laboratory available for our customers to perform tailored developments, innovation according to market demand and to issue certifications, always with the full commercial and technical assistance.

    We offer formulators an extensive catalogue of active and intermediate agents for them to choose the best solution for their needs.

    We have specialities, biological solutions, detergent bases and raw materials that allow us to lead the detergent sector.

    Our experience since 1923, our infrastructures and our commitment to offer products of the best quality are the base for us to fulfil our promise to serve and guarantee the BEST of SOLUTIONS for all kinds of CLEANING


  • Lubricants, surface treatment and industrial maintenance products

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    Our aim is to provide all of the solutions available in the world of lubricants and metalworking as well as to guarantee efficiency, innovation and sustainability.
    We offer quality products and services in a competitive environment. We offer a wide range of additives and base fluids. We advise on the development of products, the available alternatives, R&D and also environmental and legal aspects of each of our products. We deal with our customers individually and in a personal way.

    We offer a wide variety of additives for lubricants, additives for high-pressure (EP)/anti-wear, detergents and emulsifiers, antioxidants, etc.
    We specialise in packets approved by most manufacturers and different applications, including car motor oils, hydraulic oils and lubricants for gearing.

    Base fluid lubricants
    Lubricant base oils to meet a variety of requirements in lubrication, such as white oils, liquid polyalphaolefins, esters and polyalkylenglycols.

    Other applications
    These components can also be used in other applications such as metal linings.
    Our white oils and other selected products meet the requirements of the European pharmacopoeia and are therefore suitable for medical and cosmetic applications.

    The range meets the needs of the formulated for the production of own label lubricants, bearing in mind modern industry’s expectations of quality, profitability and output.

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