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    In the large OIL&GAS sector, Campi y Jove, S.A. is present in different applications with special products.

    One of these fields at additives for petrols, where we commercialise liquid soluble colouring and markers for identifying and treating gas oils.

    For refineries, we have the right engineering chemical products for applications such as gas treatment, the elimination of carbon anhydride and/or hydrosulphide acid, and others such as auxiliary products in perforation and cementing fluids.

    We can list the different products such as:

    • DMF (Di Methyl Formamide)
    • MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone)
    • Ethanolamines
    • Furfural Alcohol
    • MDEA (MethylDiEthanolAmine)
    • NMP (N-Methyl-2-pirrolidina)
    • Toluene
    • N-AminoEthylPiperazine
    • Glioxal
    • Triazine
    • Calcium chloride
    • Sodium bromide
    • Formiates
    • Barites
    • Bentonites
    • Calcium carbonate
    • Morpholine
    • Diethylenglycol amine (DGA)

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