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    We offer support to the producers of paper, cardboard and packaging with ecological barrier solutions for paper and cardboard, linings, stucco and digital printing.

    Barrier lining applications

    Grease resistance

    (Paper for hamburgers without a layer of PE/Wax, and paper free of fluor for hamburgers)

    Water vapour transmission barrier (WVTR)

    (A recyclable alternative to extruded PE sheets applicable on and offline. Repulpable and biodegradable. Suitable for heat melting)

    Water resistance

    (Excellent water resistant properties with “loto effect”. A light weight lining is sufficient for extra water repellence)

     Products for pulp and paper

     Retention and non-drip agents


    • Adhesive between layers
    • Cationising agent
    • Strengthening agent
    • Anionic coagulant


    • Thickening agent
    • Dispersant agent


    Functional additives for linings

    These are used in final layer applications to modify the lining colour characteristics to improve the surface performance parameters such as:

    • Printing capacity
    • Digital printing
    • Rheological agents, etc.
    • Extender effects
    • Sealing capacity, etc.
    • Water retention
    • Behaviour of shearing
    • Shield weight control
    • Degree of dispersion
    • Lining with substrate interaction


    Minerals (for stucco / loading)

    • Talcum
    • Mica
    • C03Ca / C03Ca precipitate
    • kaolin / Calcinated kaolin
    • Precipitated silicon
    • ATH
    • Inorganic / organic pigments


    We are members of AFCO

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