Paints, Adhesives, Coatings

  • Paints, adhesives, varnishes and linings

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    Campi y Jove, S.A. offers a wide range of all materials and chemical specialities for making and formulating PAINTS, ADHESIVES, VARNISHES AND LININGS thanks to collaboration agreements with the principle manufacturers in these sectors.

    Our aim is to grow along with our customers by offering a full range of products and developing new markets and applications by exchanging experiences and knowledge, all while adapting to changes in the environment. This kind of relationship is reflected in our career in the market, which started in 1923.


     Titanium Dioxide  UV Absorbers
     Epoxy Resins  Epoxy Hardeners
     Inorganic Pigments  Levelling Agents
     Organic Pigments  Benzoin
     Effect Pigments  MEKO
     Aliphatic Isocyanates  Fumed Silica
     Polymeric MDI  Adhesion Promoters
     UV Cure Monomers  Specialty Solvents
     UV/EB Cure Oligomers  Basic Solvents
     UV Cure Resins  Funtional Fillers
     Coalescent Agents  Pigment Concentrates
     Wetting Agents  Cellulosic Fibers
     Silicones  Cellulosic Thickeners
     Dispersing Agents  Cellulosic Ethers
     Matting Agents  


    Principal companies represented:

  • Pigments, colourings and other additives

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    In the field of colouring, Campi y Jove, S.A. in recent years has developed a large portfolio in order to become a reference in the market. Our collaboration with companies of the like of NUBIOLA, SUDARSHAN and others has allowed us to become a global supplier in our offer.

    Campi y Jove, S.A. supplies organic pigments, inorganic pigments, effect pigments, colouring and pigment preparations used in the painting, dyeing, plastics, textile sectors and various applications in other special fields. Our portfolio includes HPP (High Performance Pigments) so we are able to meet the highest requirements of sectors such as the automotive, industrial paints and technical plastics. Our portfolio meets all EU requirements concerning safety and we have a selection of products which meet the most restrictive regulations, such as toys and elements in contact with foodstuffs.

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