Plastics, Rubbers

  • Additives for plastic and rubbers


    Our large range of products and special additives for the polymers and rubbers sector makes us one of the principal suppliers of products for fireproofing, Masterbatch for films, impact modifiers, rheological modifiers, plasticisers, additives for PVC, thermoplastic rubbers, EPDM rubbers, etc.

    In Campi y Jove S.A. we specialise in:

    • Anti-blocking agents.
    • Antistatic agents.
    • Anti-misting.
    • Lubricants: Internal – External.
    • Special plasticisers (Phthalates, Dibenzoates, Phosphates).
    • Viscosity regulators.
    • Light stabilisers.
    • Antioxidants.
    • Process stabilisers
    • Fluor surfactants.
    • PTFE Micro powder.
    • Injection and extrusion machinery cleaning agent.
    • Non-halogenated flame retardants
    • Chemical products derived from phosphorus
    • ATH - MDH
    • Waxes, micronized amide, montane, PE, PP, etc.
    • Minerals
      • Talcum
      • Mica
      • C03CA / C03CA precipitate
      • Kaolin / Calcinated Kaolin
      • Dolomite

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