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  • Textile auxiliary and tanning products




    We offer a wide range of raw materials and specialities for formulating textile auxiliary and tanning products.


    Type of product Function
    Lauryl Ether Sulphate Washing and degreasing
    Dodecylbenzensulphonic acid Washing and degreasing
    Sodium dioctylsulphosuccinate Wetting
    2-ethyl hexylsulphate Humidifier stable in alkaline media (mercerized, etc.)
    Phosphoric alkyl esters Emulsifiers, antistatics, low foam hydrotropics stable in a highly alkaline media
    Sulphonated alpha-olefin Washing and degreasing

    Type of product Function
    Ethoxylated Fatty Alcohols Wetting, degreasers, emulsifiers
    Ethoxylated Fatty Amines Solubilizers, emulsifiers, dispersants
    Ethoxylated Caster Oil Emulsifiers
    Ethoxylated Sorbitan Esters Emulsifiers
    Ethylene and propylene oxide cond. Fatty alcohol Defoamers, low foam wetting
    Alkylglucosides Humidifiers, soluble and stable in alkaline media, low foam
    Ethoxylated oleilamide Emulsifier
    Coconut diethanolamide Greaser

    Type of product Function
    Benzalconium chloride Antistatic
    Ethoxylated quaternary ammonium chloride Antistatic
    Amine oxide Humidifier in media with high electrolyte concentrations

    Type of product Function
    Alkyliminoglycinate, alkyliminopropionate Hydrotopes, softeners stable in acid and alkaline media (high/low foam)


    Type of product Function
    ATMP, HEDP, EDTMP, DTPMP Lime deposition inhibitors, sequesterants, corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, deflocculants
    Carboxyl phosphonate (PBTCA) Lime deposition inhibitors, sequesterant
    EDTA Na4 Sequesterant


    Type of product Function
    Amylases Ungluing
    Catalases Pre-treatment
    Acid cellulases Bio polishing
    Neutral cellulases Bio polishing/Denim finishing


    Type of product Function
    Cumin sulphonate, xylene sulphonate Hydrotrope
    Polycarboxylates Dispersant
    Lignosulphonate Recurtient
    Dibasic ester "Green", ecocompatible dissolvent
    Alcohols and fatty acids Greasers
    Modified polyester Dirt repellent fabric treatment
    Precipitated amorphous silica Lump prevention, fluidizer

  • Textile effects

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    A wide and innovative range of chemical products and colourings to cover the needs of the whole textile chain.

    We have a modern specialised laboratory available to our customers for technical assistance, tailored developments, innovations of interest according to market demand and certificate issuing, always with complete sales and technical assistance.


    Tincture Function
    Reactive colourings Dyeing cellulose fibres and their mixes.
    Direct colourings Dyeing cellulose fibres and their mixes.
    Dye colourings Dyeing cellulose fibres and their mixes.
    Disperse colourings Dyeing polyester fibres and their mixes
    Acid colourings Dyeing polyamide fibres, wool and their mixes
    Cationic colourings Acrylic, Modacrylic, modified polyester and its mixture fibre dyeing.


    Printing Function
    Reactive colourings Printing cellulose fibres
    Disperse colourings Printing polyester fibres
    Acid colourings Printing polyamide fibres
    Ink-jet coverings Printing all fibres by ink-jet
    Pigments Printing all fibres.




    Type of product Function
    Ungluing agent Elimination of glues from fabrics.
    Foam eliminators Elimination of foams from industrial processes
    Humidifiers Improves the hydrophility of yarns and fabrics.
    Detergents Elimination of the impurities from yarns and fabrics.
    Dispersants Disperses the impurities caused in the industrial processes.


    Optical bleachers

    Type of product Function
    Cellulose optics Increase the degree of whiteness in cellulose fibres
    Polyester optics Increase the degree of whiteness in polyester fibres
    Polyamide optics Increase the degree of whiteness in polyamide fibres
    Wool optics Increase the degree of whiteness in wool fibres.
    Acrylic optics Increase the degree of whiteness in cationic fibrous.


    Dyeing auxiliary products

    Type of product Function
    Foam eliminators Prevent foam during the industrial process
    Humidifiers Improve the hydrophility
    Deairers Eliminate the air hidden in the yarns and fabrics
    Balancers Optimise the degree of balancing in dyeing
    Retardants Promote balanced colouring
    Dispersants Maintain the particle size of the disperse colourings
    Lubricants Improve the friction between the fabric and machine and between different fabrics.
    Reserve agents Block the colourings in processes with fibre mixes.
    Soaping agents Help to eliminate the hydrolysed colourings.
    Fixers Increase the solidity of the colourings.


    Printing auxiliary products

    Type of product Function
    Thickener Increase the viscosity of the printing pastes
    Dispersants Maintain the particle size of the colourings.
    Deairers Eliminate the air hidden in the printing pastes


    Ultraviolet absorbents

    Type of product Function
    Polyester Increases the light solidity of disperse colourings
    Wool Increases the light solidity of anionic colouring for polyamide
    Polyamide Increases the light solidity of pan ionic colourings for polyamide


    Finishing agents

    Type of product Function
    Anti-stain Protect fabrics from some stains.
    Anti-microbial Increase the resistance of fabrics to microbes.
    Hidrophyls Increase the humidity absorption of fabrics.
    Sun protection filters Avoid the passing of UV rays into the fabrics
    Softeners Give yarns and fabrics softness
    Anti-statics Avoid the electrical charge in yarns and fabrics
    Fire proofers Increase the fire resistance of fabrics.
    Fluorocarbons Help fabrics to repel water, oil and some stains.

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