Drinking water

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Campi y Jové offers a wide range of products for treating drinking water and desalination, which all meet the corresponding UNE-EN standards on substances for treating water for human consumption.

  • Filtering media:
    • Elimination of suspended solids. Anthracite, silica sand, granite and pumice
    • Elimination of iron and manganese. Pyrolusite
    • Elimination of arsenic. Granular iron hydroxide
  • Absorption of pollutants:
    • Active carbon in powder and granular form.
  • Chemical reagents:
    • Inorganic coagulants (aluminium sulphate, iron chloride, aluminium polyhydroxy chloride and aluminium polyhydroxy chloro sulphate)
    • Organic coagulants (Poly DADMAC)
    • Elimination of residual chlorine (sodium metabisulphite)
    • Disinfectants (sodium hypochlorite and calcium hypochlorite)
    • Rust inhibitors and descalers (Tetra potassium pyrophosphate, sodium Hexham meta phosphate, sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium silicate)
  • Ionic exchange resins
  • Domestic inverse osmosis equipment