Campi y Jove has a storage capacity for more than 18,000 tonnes of different liquid and solid, bulk and packed chemical products in the more than 65,000 m2 of our warehouses in strategic places in the Iberian peninsula, Rotterdam and the Maghreb.

As well as this, wherever necessary we have contracts with logistics operators specialised in chemical products and port terminals to complete a logistics service of maximum efficiency.

All of the warehouses are computer managed by the SAP R3 Warehouse Management with barcode systems to allow highly reliable inventory control with total traceability of each batch.

A development of the HSE SAP R3 management system integrates safety and the environment with the rest of the applications and allows the integrated safe handling and storage of chemical products.

For reasons of safety, all of the warehouses are in industrial areas away from urban centres./p>

Campi y Jove engineering department has observed the strictest international safety regulations in designing each of the stores.

Outstanding features of the stores:/p>

a) Tanks

More than 100 storage tanks for chemical products with capacities ranging from 30 to 150 cubic metres.

In order to achieve maximum flexibility and avoid pollution, most of the tanks are made of stainless steel and have loading lines and dedicated pumps.

There are also special tanks equipped with heating, gas return and shaking.

b) Storage of hazardous products

More than 15,000 square metres of warehouses authorised for class 3, 6.1 and 8 hazardous products, including products classified in the Seveso II directive.

Warehouses allowing storage at a controlled temperature.

All of the warehouses are connected to retention drums allowing any spillage to be controlled without it reaching the outside.

There is a closed-circuit television control system and detectors to ensure security and intruder control.

c) Storage of food additives, additives for animal feeding and products for the pharmaceutical industry:

Close to 5,000 m2 of independent warehouses prepared for these kinds of products, including storage on shelves, rooms with hot and cold controlled temperature and even freezers.

Only duly trained and experienced personnel are used in these areas and the handling means, forklift trucks and cleaning systems are dedicated for these products.