As well as holding the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 certifications, our facilities are audited under ESAD II/ SQAS regulations for chemical distributors.

Campi y Jové, dedicated to the purchase, reception, handling, packaging, storage, delivery and distribution of chemical products, is currently working to make its own economic development compatible with protection of the environment and the health and safety of workers.
Environmental and health and safety principles are therefore defined and must be met in all of our activities and particularly in those which have an affect on the environment, on the efficient use of natural resources, energy and the quality of life of people./p>

The Campi y Jové management agrees to stimulate collaboration and participation on the part of all of the company staff in implementing and ensuring that all of the improvement regulations are applied to achieve the proposed objectives and to constantly improve the efficiency of the quality management system.

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