Packing – Mixtures – Dilutions

Campi y Jove has modern and safe facilities for packing, mixing and diluting a wide range of chemical products.

The packing, mixing and dilution installations are integrated in the warehouses, allowing interconnection with cistern loading and unloading, the storage tanks, the packed goods stores and deliveries.

The installations are operated by staff with great experience in handling chemical products, with suitable training and permanent support from the maintenance team and the HSE team. All of the operations are monitored and supervised with complete traceability from SAP R3.

The technical and quality control team takes samples and makes analyses of all of the operations in order to supervise and ensure the quality in each centre’s own laboratories.

The engineering team assesses each new operation and designs the installations according to the strictest international safety criteria.

The selection of the best possible packaging and label printing according to current international regulations is another process carried out in each centre.

The packing means available include:

  • Three semiautomatic packing lines for non-hazardous, class 3, 8 and 6.1 products.

    These lines allow special products to be packed in formats from 60 to 1,500 litres, both in metal and plastic. They have automatic safety systems such as conductivity control in flammable products, gas extraction in harmful and toxic products.

  • A semiautomatic packing line for non-hazardous, class 8 and 6.1 products. This line has a design which allows foam producing products to be packed in all kinds of formats. They have gas extraction in harmful and toxic products.
  • A special packing line for products used in the pharmaceutical industry inside an ISO 5 clean room. This line is only operated by staff specifically trained to meet the requirements of cleanliness and hygiene required in this sector.
  • Lines for packing small packs from 5 to 50 litres.

The mixing and dilution means available include:

  • Two mixing tanks with a capacity of 30,000 litres controlled by weighing cells for mixing low viscosity products. Flammable liquids can also be mixed.
  • Two in-line diluters, especially designed for tensioactives. These lines give great flexibility in order to adapt formulae to each customer.
  • A solid diluter in different liquids. This unit allows solid products to be supplied in liquid form to simplify the customer dosing processes.